Barbie Letterpress

During the FirstFridayScranton event, I set up my design for interested people to chose a print already made, or have the option to create their own! It was really fun interacting with people and showing them the joys of printmaking, alongside the process of creating!

This locked type design had been created due to the new release of the Barbie movie, for a recent summer 2023 First Friday event held in Scranton. The first steps of this process were choosing your type face and locking a design into place!

The chosen wood type gives a slight old western feel and also a spunky pop feel! It is a thick slab serif font. The phrase, “Mojo Dojo Casa House” had originated as a quote from Ken within the Barbie movie. The addition of the horse and stars was added to the design to break up the type and add a symbolic visual element from the movie.

I had printed this arrangement on multiple different papers, such as scrapbook paper with fun random designs and colors. The more I kept experimenting during the process, the better the prints turned out! The final color choice to print with were red and black ink. I was surprised with how well the design worked with busy paper, especially with the chosen colors. The prints on the busy paper turned out to be my favorite prints that were made!

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