Ghost-hunting Game Concept

My brother and I have started work on a video game about a group of friends/coworkers/ghost hunters who work the night shift at a fast food place. One night, strange things begin happening… We actually don’t have more than that for the plot yet, so that’s all I can say. I figure that I can flesh out the plot over the course of drawing the backgrounds and characters, since it’s hard for me to come up with a plot without visuals to work off of. 

It’s going to be very short because I want it to feel achievable. If a project is too long I straight up never start it, so hopefully this one actually goes somewhere. I’ve tried making games before and they always end up going nowhere because I’m too afraid to start them. I want them to be the best they can be, so I wait until I’m better at everything first. Of course, I never get better because I never start them… what cruel irony. 

The goal is to learn the basic skills for creating a game, so I’m not too worried about how it comes out. I’m aiming to make it fun—I just want to make something and have fun with it. To be honest, It’s been a long time since I’ve had fun drawing, so I’d like to just forget about how the final product looks and let it turn out however. 

Ghostly Bathroom

Since it’s going to be a short game, the only environment is going to be the fast food place the characters work at. I plan on doing three to four backgrounds to keep it very simple. This first background I did was a test to develop a style for them. I want it to look sort of rough and angular. It turned out a little cleaner than I expected, but I actually like the vibes. The colors took the longest to decide on, and I used a color palette generator as a basis for them. I went way off script with the colors, but it was a great starting point. In case you’d like to try it, the generator I used is called Coolors. It was the first one that showed up on google but it’s pretty neat. I’m also just now realizing that I could add simple animations to the backgrounds, for example a faucet leaking in the bathroom. I’m definitely going to do that to add a bit more life and atmosphere to them. 

I think most of the game will be dialogue, so the next couple things I want to experiment with are a dialogue box and the characters. I’m feeling much more confident now that I’ve made a background that I like. It only took me one night! I’m feeling that this project is doable, which is very motivating. I aim to do something more with this game for my next post, which will give me something of a deadline to stick to. Thanks for reading!

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