I can’t believe it is already the end of March. It is crazy how fast the spring semester will go especially when you add business to the equation. Students will already have gone home for Easter break this week and when we get back from break, Friday will mark April 1st. April 1st also marks a very important event as well. I have blogged about the Empty Bowl project previously and I am sure it has been mentioned by the other Marywood bloggers as well. Yes we are still talking about it and yes we are super excited!

This past week Zeta Omicron was able to get 250 ceramics bowls glazed and ready for their final firing! Tasks for Empty Bowls have been assigned and everyone is getting a special job for the day of to assure that things go smoothly. This really is it. The event we have spent months preparing for is finally approaching!

Empty Bowl Project flyerEven this past week myself and the vice president of Zeta, Emma Pilon, were able to meet with a Meals on Wheels representative and had amazing conversation about this non-profit in which we are donating to and we were also able to explain more about the preparation we have been making to make this event a success!

I am excited to go home for break (believe me I am at this time of the year) but I am so excited to come back to Marywood after break as well because great things will be happening!

Empty Bowls we are ready for you!

ALSO: Shout out to Emma Pilon for being an amazing potter and huge part of this!

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