It’s My Pleasure to Introduce…

I have this friend who just exudes creativity! You can see it, you can hear it when he speaks. I’ve known him for a number of years and that is one thing that has remained constant..his creative mind. I’d like for you all to meet my very good friend, Kurt Marsh Jr.!

A few days ago Kurt and I were able to catch up for a bit. We spoke a lot about his upcoming projects and accomplishments. Kurt has obtained his masters degree in Architecture and is working towards a second masters degree in furniture design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I asked him a few other questions, here are his responses:

What are your career goals?

Professionally, my goal is to be a well established creative force in the Virgin Islands community first. I’d like to become an Architect and designer here at home. I see myself opening a design firm. Not just an architecture firm but a design firm that offers range of design consulting. I want to be considered a master builder.

How have those goals changed over time?

In middle school I really wanted to be in medicine, I wanted to be a doctor. Then I joined FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and I really wanted to be in business. When I made my first bowl in wood shop, then I knew I wanted to be a creator. Wood shop sparked creative energy for me. However, I needed to explore other creative fields because wood turning just wasn’t enough. I did my first drawing of a house by hand—it was this weird triangle house—but at that moment I fell in love with architecture. I’ve never lost that love. I do plan on getting into politics at some point but I’m taking my time. I’d like to have direct positive influence on our community.

When did you first start wood working ?

I started in 2003, about 13 years ago.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in nature. Art in nature, I’m a hippie at heart! I’ve kind of drifted away from my religious upbringing but I’m very spiritual. I find it, I find inspiration, in the natural world and the extraterrestrial world. I’m interested in the unknown, you know like taking a dive, to searching a reef, or looking at stars at night, just wondering what’s beyond them. Its the pursuit of knowledge, but a love of the unknown.

What about other art? Are you still drawing?

I hate drawing. I have the ability to but it’s not my preference. I can, but hate it! I do love sketching… buildings or ideas for my work. Drawing, painting…things like that, its not fun for me.

Kurt and I took a trip out to Coral Bay on St. John and Kurt showed me where all the magic happens, the wood shop! He is currently working on creating a collection for an upcoming exhibition. The pieces aren’t finished but they’re coming along! 🙂 take a look…

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