Shooting Spontaneously

For the first time in a little while I was just shooting for the sake of shooting, and more specifically because I saw an interesting opportunity.

The other day as I was leaving work the puddle that always seems to collect behind the museum after any rainfall appeared to be more particularly engaging than usual, and I had just happened to have my camera on me at the time. Although I didn’t have this product in mind immediately when I was shooting, I just thought the reflections were interesting, but nevertheless I’m happy with where it went. All of the attached photos are reflections from the puddle that have been inverted as to appear as if they were captured upright, which tends to give the photos an interesting aesthetic quality that straight captures don’t have: as a result of imperfections, film and bubbles, on the water the images appear to have a more scattered ethereal quality that almost has a wet-plate-like appearance due to its irregularities.


5 thoughts on “Shooting Spontaneously

  1. I have to admit I looked at the first picture without reading your post before hand. Looking at it, (that first picture) without any information about how or where you took the photo, I immediately wondered if you took it through a car windshield? Then I wondered what time of day it was and were there stars in the sky? Then I read the post.

    Inverting the images is a great way to get the viewer to ‘see differently.’ And isn’t that interesting? Because usually, we invert an image so we can see it ‘out of its norm’ so we can study it more – in this case, you made it look more ‘normal’ and yet it still got your viewer to look carefully/thoughtfully/inquisitively at the image. Great post!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I guess it’s a testament to the nature of the camera, we often expect what we see in photos to be totally representative of reality, even if it isn’t.

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