Steampunk Slave Bracelet

The senior exhibition is coming soon and I’m getting things finished up as fast as I can. My steampunk jewelry line is almost complete and my latest edition is a slave bracelet. I wanted to make a ring and bracelet but it was a last minute decision to connect the two. The chain used to connect them is made of copper wire that I bent into decorative links. I also wanted the links to mimic the design around the watch parts so that’s why I made them by hand instead of buying chain.

I have a complete set so far but I would like to try and make more pieces for the exhibition. Hopefully I can sell a few at the show or later on my Etsy account. I would like to improve how I make the bezel for the watch part so that I doesn’t cover so much of it. I still think that it’s a good solution to setting the watch part since it can’t be soldered itself to anything. So far it’s going well and I can’t wait to have my work in the exhibition!

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