Summer Activity

Hello Everyone! I hope summer vacation is going well so far! I had the opportunity to babysit my little cousin Violet. Sometimes kids are hard to entertain, so I thought it would be fun for her to take my phone and go around the yard and take pictures and make them into cyanotypes!

Taking a Photo

She loved going around the yard and taking pictures of the flowers, grass, trees, etc. Once we decided we were done taking pictures we went through them and picked our favorite images. Down below are some of violet’s images.

I did all the big computer conversions and applying the chemicals on to the paper. We waited for the sun to come out, and once it did we took the two images and put it in the sun and patiently waited for six minutes.

Exposing picture

Once the time was up I led her to the bathroom and showed her the magic of imaging processing! Seeing her face light up and her eyes wide seeing an image turn into blue was a joy to watch!

I also showed her the hydrogen peroxide trick to make the image even more blue, and it surprised her even more!

Violet final results

Violet was very happy and proud about her final images– Her self portrait and an image she took of her brother. She enjoyed watching the images come alive and taking pictures. We still have more images to develop which has to be another babysitting day!

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