This week I’m visiting some family in Florida. I’m very excited to get away from the cold, and into some better weather even if it’s just for a little while. I’m also looking forward to seeing what kind of art galleries and museums they have around here.

Going to museums in places like New York or Chicago are always great, but it’s nice to visit some smaller galleries too. They often show local artists, and are able to help people get their work out into the world! On top of that, local art galleries are a really good way to see the town from the citizen’s point of view. The work people make can reflect the positives the town has to offer, and even showcase some of its hidden gems.

I genuinely enjoy traveling because I get to experience new places and learn about different lifestyles, even if they’re not so different from my own. Going to local art galleries and museums is a fun way to get to know the town you’re in, while also seeing new and oftentimes really amazing art.

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