Hey everyone! This weekend I had the chance to go to Annapolis for the first time and visited Maryland’s State House that overlooks the city. It was a beautiful weekend and I really enjoyed the drive from Scranton to where I’m staying in Maryland for the weekend.

There’s a ton to read about and look at in the State House. The Senate and House chambers stare at each other from across the hall. They have life size bronze sculptures of Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, and George Washington. My favorite, however, was reading about the USS Maryland Silver Service.

This particular room in the State House had just shy of 50 pieces of really intricate silver ladles, cups, trays, you name it. I didn’t know such a thing existed and being as interested in our country’s history as I am, it was exciting to see this level of craftsmanship on display at the State House.

I tried to get as up close as possible when taking photos because you really can look at these pieces for hours. They are beautifully conserved and are VERY polished. I loved the big bowl (shown in the above right image) as the level of detail in the piece, as well as all of the pieces, is astounding. I would personally hesitate to even drink out of something that well sculpted and I am admittedly happy the silver is behind Plexiglas and not in use.

If you guys ever get a chance to visit Annapolis, or if you live in the area and just haven’t checked this place out yet, please do try to go. History buffs alike would find a lot of joy in visiting the State House and these beautiful silver pieces are more than enough of a reason to check out Annapolis…plus the Chesapeake Bay is beautiful! Have a great week, everyone!!

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