World Cup Logos

I thought this could be an interesting topic to talk about because the United States Women’s National Soccer Team just won the World Cup! Since I play soccer for Marywood University and love to watch the national team play, you can tell how excited I am that they won!

Well, I was thinking about the logos that are used for the World Cup games for both men and women and I found it very interesting that when I looked up some of the older logos they are not as creative as the ones that have been made within the past 10 years. This year the games were held in Canada. The logo that was used around the world was a maple leaf symbolizing the home team with a figure in the middle shaped into the leaf that looks like a person raising their arms in victory. That leaf is placed on top of a red background, another symbol of Canada. Then the blue part that is to the right forms in the trophy that’s given to the team that wins. All logos have the year and the country in which the cup is held. I think the logo is very creative and has a clean layout. Looking back at some of the old logos and looking at current ones, you can tell that they have progressed during the years. They are more colorful, more precise, more creative in my opinion.

If you get a chance look up some of the other logos that have been used throughout the years in both men and women’s World Cup Games!

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