A History of Photography with The Maslow Collection

Happy Sunday, everyone!

A few weeks ago, I collaborated with my professor Lori Brunetti and curator Ryan Ward to put together “Critical Attention” at The Maslow Study Gallery for Contemporary Art. The show is inspired by Lori’s history of photography class, and features some of the most significant photos from The Maslow Collection.

The show has something for everyone, whether you’re into the wanderlust inspired by Bernice Abbott, the industrialization as documented by Bernard and Hilda Becher, or the straight photography of Mark Cohen.

My favorite part about this show was the personal touches in the artist cases. There are several hand written notes from Jane Hammond and Mark Cohen that were addressed to the Maslow family, and I thought that just pulled the show together. It’s easy to walk around a room and observe art, but to be able to witness the personalities of the artists through their handwriting as well as observe the personal connection between an artist and a collector is beautiful.

Feel free to head down to the gallery, located in the Shields Center for Visual Art and catch it before it’s gone!

All images are courtesy of The Maslow Collection’s Facebook page. I own none of the rights to any images used.

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