Boiling Springs Artisan Gallery

This week I would love to talk about a store local to me! The Village Artisans Gallery is a store located in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania which houses the artwork of over 200 artists. The art is from hand crafted creations such as jewelry and pottery as well as other traditional mediums such as metal, glass, and paintings.

Much of the artwork displays scenes of local imagery. Boiling Springs is a village surrounded by forestry as it sits on the Appalachian Trail and has an abundant amount of farming outside of the town. Meaning, much of the artwork within the gallery features animals, landscapes, and locations of historical importance.

There are a few pieces within my house from the gallery, but, in particular, I adore this piece by Crystal Hunt. The photo masterfully captures a sight I often saw as a child. A farm field with one lonely tree who, in the case of this photo, sits alone mid winter. 

"Lone Tree" by Crystal Hunt. The image features a tree sitting alone in the middle of a snowy farm field.
“Lone Tree” by Crystal Hunt

I cannot exactly explain or pinpoint why there was significance to this location. It was simply something many within Boiling Springs and myself passed and felt captivated by. 

This is simply one of the many artworks within the gallery. I encourage anyone passing through south central Pennsylvania to visit historic Boiling Springs. Not only to stop by and support the local arts but to take in the sights.

Featured Image Taken By Lori Snyder

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