Drawing Dead Kings

Everyone should have a portrait of a past King or Queen. Regardless of their accomplishments or whether or not they were a good monarch or a cruel one. Having a portrait of an old dead ruler hung up in your house or apartment is just simply an awesome thing to have and a great conversation piece.

I’ve been drawing figures from history since high-school partly because I’m a big history buff but also because I get a kick out of thinking how cool/Hilarious it would be to have people walk in my Living room and see a beautiful framed drawing of someone like Archduke Franz Ferdinand hung up on the wall for all to see for no apparent reason. However, Franzy Ferd might be a little too well known for what I’m trying to explain, plus he wasn’t a king, he was an ‘Arch Duke’, which I mean, who even knows what that means anyway. apparently that title was very important to people considering all of Europe murdered each other after Ferdy was shot. But I digress, what I’m trying to say is that the more obscure the person is the better! That way no knows who they are and you can make up stories about him to make interesting conversation that no one will remember.

For example I’m currently drawing a portrait of King Henry I of England, who, besides his name, I know absolutely nothing about. I think I read as I was trying to find a picture of an old dead king that he and some bishop didn’t like each other, or maybe they did at first but not later, I have no idea and I don’t super care! I Chose this guy because I liked the way he looked! He looks all mean and upset about some medieval problem or whatever while he’s wearing some crown, that’s probably not even real gold, in order to assert his dominance over a bunch of poor sad farmers that grow his food. Its such a silly job, The King, like why did we put up with those guys for so long! But I mean maybe having a portrait of a dead king around might serve a different purpose, maybe you wanna try and emulate their regal-ness in your life, like a little confidence booster, ain’t it? People are always calling each other King or Queen when they wanna build up their friends self confidence so perhaps it’d be nice to have a big ole picture of someone like Elizabeth I hanging in your bedroom! whatever you want, its your picture!

and what would this post even be without featuring the King of Kings, JC! Big guy’s B-Day is this week.

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