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Hello everyone! I have been super busy these past few weeks, and I wanted to show you some of the posters I have been working on in my free time!

Halloween weekend, me and a few friends headed out west to our friends farm for the weekend. On the way, I was able to take some photos of my boyfriends car (big surprise😅).

After these photos, particularly the first and second one, I was really inspired. My boyfriend, a car nerd if you couldn’t tell by this point, has always wanted a specific edit of his car. It’s very popular in the car world. You take a wheel shot, and a photo of the car, and edit the wheel behind the car. Kind of hard to explain, but simple enough to recreate. He has wanted one of these for a while, and I finally had the photos that I was able to recreate this with.

These are the two photos that I used:

I took these photos into Photoshop, and used the tools that I knew how to use (the magnetic lasso tool, and the eraser tool were my saviors), and this is what I ended up with.

I used the magnetic lasso tool, and selected just the wheel and pasted it behind the other image. In the layer of the car, I selected just the car, copied it, and placed it directly on top of itself so that one, I could make it a different color from the rest of the image, but two, so that I could have the wheel behind the car, but in front of everything else.

I placed the wheel along the edge of the road and the rail guard to make it have a very harsh line. Once I was finished, I felt as if the car didn’t stick out enough, so I made the image black and white, and kept the car in color. I think I definitely made the right decision here, the blue is so electric and I really like how it turned out.

Once I completed this one and was happy with it, I was inspired and wanted to create more. I was surprised with my Photoshop abilities and wanted to keep going, lol.

I took the image on the left, and created the graphic on the right.

I wanted to do something simple, or so I thought, because like I said, I’m not too confident in my Photoshop skills. I used the same technique that I used from the first graphic – I used the magnetic lasso tool, grabbed the car, and placed it directly on top of itself to create the effect of the text behind the car. Maybe there’s an easier way than how I did it, but it was pretty simple, and gave me the effect I wanted.

As for the texture that you see on the image, this took me ages. I almost didn’t add it. But, once I was able to figure it out, it was super simple and gave me the results I wanted. I downloaded a photo of crumbled paper off of Unsplash, placed the paper on top of the rest of the graphic, and changed this little selection to “overlay”.

I’m happy with my results and when I posted on Instagram, I was actually able to get a few commissions for it!

Check my instagram out here!

Thank you for reading! See you guys next time! 🙂

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