Renaissance Fair

One thing about me is that I love Halloween. I love dressing up in costumes, seeing the creative designs and choices that others choose, the colors, vibes, food, and so much more. I say this is important because this past weekend I participated in something similar to what Halloween could be. I went to a Renaissance fair. I like to think that the fair is similar to Halloween because it is a time where people can dress up and enjoy festivities in relation to the Renaissance time period. There were lots of artistic and creative costumes, architecture, food, and much more.

This is the first fair that I have gone to where I dressed up in a costume. I was not sure what I was going to wear at first, so I did some research. After a while of searching different clothing designs and colors that I could possibly wear, I chose to wear a simple white dress with a brown layer, similar to a corset. I did not only want to wear the dress because I felt it was too basic of a design, and I could do a lot better. Due to this, I also found a brown belt, shoes, gold wristlet, and gold headpiece to go along with the dress. These accessories pulled the costume together in a fun design along with a brown/gold color palette to keep the costume together with good thought. I found it an enjoyable time to figure out what to wear which made me believe that I would have a great time at the fair.

Those who went to the fair with me included my friend, my sister, and my sister’s boyfriend. While we were there we encountered many different people, sites, and activities. There was so much to do. Not every person dressed up in a costume but many did and each one was different from the next. Some people looked like fairies, others looked like warriors, and some even looked like me with a simple yet stylish renaissance civilian. There were also many different buildings, each one colored and designed differently. All of the buildings had a purpose too of course. Some had food and drink, while others had games. Some of the games included ax and knife throwing, stone and jewel finding, and even glass blowing. The buildings that were holding these games and food were vibrant and colorful, some blue, some white and brown, others teal and red, and even yellow and pink. Colored in a way that one would not see in society today.

During and at the end of the day I have collected souvenirs which included a fancy hand fan and a homemade metal flower. Lots of the souvenirs that were being sold at this fair were handcrafted by one or more people. It was such an amazing experience that I would recommend it to anyone who thinks about going to a fair or even debates it. There was so much to do, and so many different people and places to see. One would not normally think about the artistic, creative aspect of such fairs but I believe it is a key factor that gives it its authentic taste.

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