Supernatural Dreamcatcher

A long, long time ago, when I was fifteen, my absolute favorite show, Supernatural, announced that season 15 would be the last. Heartbroken, I wanted to make some art dedicated to them. Before, I had searched online to see if a Supernatural dreamcatcher was a thing I could buy, but I had no luck. Fortunately for me, I could find out how to make one. So, set as I was, I went to the craft store and got my supplies. My idea was to make the pattern, inside the catcher, a demon-trapping sigil (aka a devil’s trap) and have the feathers represent a character.

To note: I was planning to represent the number “15” in the center as a nod to how far they had come.

My first issue was on how to secure the individual sigils to the rest of the catcher. Well, I thought about it and decided that tulle would work best, that way I could sew the sigils in… But, how was I going to make the sigils?

My first thought was metal because, at the time, my father worked as a metal laser cutter, although metal would be too heavy. So my second thought was wood, though since these were going to be very small, we had to be careful.

The second issue was that we couldn’t find any wood thin enough. Anything we found, was still too thick. When we were back at the craft store, we found little wooden cutouts made for painting. The thickness was just right, but the shapes didn’t give us enough room to work with. So we searched again for regular, rectangular pieces, which also was very difficult, but we found just enough for us to use.

I printed out a couple duplicates of each sigil, got them glued to the wood, and had my father cut each of them out. A lot didn’t make it, but at least one good one did for each. Then I helped sand the pieces down and it was ready to be sewn in.

Before that, I had wrapped the metal hoop, wove a five-pointed star, and glued the tulle down. I had also printed myself a size-accurate guide for my sigils to get them in the *perfect* position.

Once that all was completed, I tied and sized the strings, for the beads and the feathers. This took me some time to complete because I had to figure out which type of string to use, and how to secure them (Is tying it enough? Should I super glue it? etc. etc..).

I wanted the center to be the longest and have the sides taper at each end. The center represents Castiel, the primary “Angel on their shoulders”, as white. The second layer represents the two main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester, as black. Finally, the third layer represents the two other most recurring and iconic characters, Crowley (red) and Jack (yellow), (Sorry Bobby…).

Once I got all that figured out, it was complete. Everything looked *almost* perfect, but I was very pleased with myself and the result.

It currently lives directly above my bed, as seen in the first image, and reflects off of all the other, gazillion SPN decorations I have.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this and even more so that you enjoy Supernatural. Where’s the family at? Comment below!

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