Spring Break Plans

Now that midterms and portfolio reviews are over the real work begins. Even though I’m supposed to be on spring break, I plan to work on art projects and homework. Why wait till the last minute? My advice is to do it now so that it’s your best work because then you aren’t rushing to finish it. There isn’t much left of the semester and before you know it summer will be here.

I’m almost done with one of my Sculpture II projects but I realize I have no clue what I want to do for the other two. For now though I’m focusing on what I do know. The ideas will come to you if you’re working on another project. You might even discover a new technique to use for other projects. Just get organized. If you get an idea the best way to remember it is to write it down. Don’t be afraid to fail when trying something new because you learn from your mistakes.

I’ve recently been working on flame working and it’s harder than it looks. I keep practicing different ways to work with it and I’ve learned a lot from it. So far the one piece I’ve made is going to be on the project. It’s not perfect but I’m working with it. Not everything is going to turn out how you expected it. The best thing is to work with what you do have.

Hope everyone has a great spring break!

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